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Business Services

Air Force Academy
The military has maintained a major presence in Colorado Springs since the 1940s and has long been one of the cornerstones in the economy of Pikes Peak Country.
Carpools - Ridefinders
If you have any questions or need further information, please contact RIDEFINDERS. (719) 385-7433, press 2 [email protected]
Colorado Springs Airport
Colorado Springs Mountain Metro Transit
719.475.9735 Sunday Service: 7:30 a.m. to 5:35 p.m. on select routes Extended Saturday Service: 5:30 a.m. to 10:45 p.m
Colorado Springs Utilities
Driver's License & Vehicle Registration
State law requires that a person complete application and fee payment for a Colorado driver's license before completing 30 days of residency. Visit website to find the DMV location nearest you.
Employment Services
Fort Carson
One of the Army's youngest installations, Fort Carson sits on 137,000 acres just south of Colorado Springs. Named after the famous frontiersman, Kit Carson, the fort was established in 1942 three weeks after Pearl Harbor.
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Map by Travel
The North American Air Defense Command is located beneath Cheyenne Mountain southwest of Colorado Springs. The complex inside the mountain consists of 15 steel buildings constructed in tunnels and chambers cut into the rock. Traditionally, NORAD has been
Pet Care and Licensing
Humane Society 719.473.1741 Complaints on strays 719.473.1741 Reporting lost/found pets 719.473.1741 Lost/found daily report 719.473.1741 Animal Emergency Center 719.578.9300
Peterson Air Force Base
Peterson Air Force Base was originally known as "Pete Field" when it was a fighter training post and a civilian airport before and during World War II. Today, it is a vital link in the national security chain surrounding the United States and our North Am
Public Transportation
Schriever Air Force Base
Schriever AFB is home to the 50th Space Wing. Its mission is to provide command and control for Department of Defense military satellites and manage the Air Force Satellite Control Network. The wing operates satellite operations centers at Schriever AFB,
Tax Rates
Telephone Services - Q West Communications
New service (800) 244-1111 Residential repair (800) 573-1311
United States Postal Service


Better Business Bureau of the Pikes Peak Region
Phone: (719) 636-1155
Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce
Colorado Springs Economic Development Corporation
Phone: (719) 471-8183 Fax: (719) 471-9733
Cripple Creek Chamber of Commerce
Phone: 719.689.2169
Current Weather in Colorado Springs
El Paso County
Fountain Chamber of Commerce
Phone: 719382.3190 Fax: 719.382.3190
Manitou Springs Chamber of Commerce
Phone: 719.685.5089
Tri-Lakes Chamber of Commerce
Phone: 719.481.3282 Fax: 719.635.1571
Woodland Park Chamber of Commerce


Pikes Peak Center
Tickets 719-520-7469


Memorial Hospital
(719) 365-5000 (800) 826-4889 [email protected]
Penrose-St. Francis Health Services
(719) 776-5000


Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
Phone (719)633-9925 Fax (719)633-2254
Colorado - Rocky Mountain National Park: Biking
Colorado Mountain Club
More Than a Great Hiking Club...
Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center
Colorado Springs Symphony
Criterium Bike Shop in Colorado Springs
Open 8-8 weekdays 10-6 Sundays 719.599.0149 888.404.3641 [email protected]
Sky Diving Archive
United States Hang Gliding Assocation


Academy School District 20
Colorado Springs School District
(719) 520-2000 Espanol: (719) 520-2012
Harrison School District 2